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I met Leonia in 2012 in the waiting room of a stem cell clinic in Colorado. We were both having hip issues and hoped to put off hip replacement surgery using our own stem cells. From that time on, we remained in contact with each other from time to time checking to see how each of us was doing. Gradually, through our correspondence, I learned about her twin sister, Leona, and that they were both judges in the Detroit area. Not until I read her book, Your Honor, Your Honor, did I truly learn what courageous and inspirational people she and her sister were. This book shows what can be done when you have a “Don’t Quit” attitude as their mother instilled in the girls as children that carried them through adversities that touched their lives like mental illness, alcoholism, discrimination, and put downs to become leaders in their community. Even when devastating grief cut Leonia to her core, she knew she had to keep thriving to new heights. From teaching young minds to be strong; to negotiating contracts for Motown celebrities; to helping people get: off drugs, out of the world of prostitution, and needed help for veterans, Judge Lloyd made her indelible mark in this world.

This powerful new memoir by Judge Leonia J. Lloyd showcases the unique and inspiring story of beautiful, brilliant twins who ascended to one of America’s biggest courts and helped transform thousands of lives as “Twins for Justice.

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“I wrote this book especially for people, from all walks of life, to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to understand that education and a strong work ethic are the formula for success,” says Judge Lloyd, a popular commencement speaker. “I also want to show my life as an example that when life delivers tragedies, and you think you can’t go on, you can rely on faith and loving people to heal, recover, and continue making a positive contribution to the world.”

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Your Honor, Your Honor makes a perfect holiday gift, as it delivers an entertaining, inspiring read that sparkles with wisdom and lessons about how to create a successful life, even when tragedies and challenges make that seem impossible. Judge Lloyd shows that with faith, anything is possible.

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