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Watch “#Writing Fiction – Plotting a Page Turner” on YouTube #3ChicksBooks

How to Make Readers Deeply Connect to Your Characters. Via @janefriedman #3chicksbooks

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Today’s guest post is an excerpt from Hack Your Reader’s Brain by novelist Jeff Gerke (@JeffGerke).

There is one secret ingredient to crafting a novel that readers will read from beginning to end. All the other elements are important and necessary, but they play supporting roles to this one

Muse: How Creativity Effects the Brain – by Crime Writer Sue Coletta

The Power of Story, Now More Than Ever via @unboxed #repost


In the wake of the election, I am a different person. I am now afraid of many things, especially what is going to happen given the volatility I see in the world and in my neighborhood. It’s something I’ve never experienced in this country, in what I now realize with mortifying clarity has been a very sheltered life. And listen: I’m old. I remember first-hand the end of the Vietnam years

5 Basic Tips on Staying Focused When Writing a Book – Guest Post #3chicksbooks


To be able to work with sheer dedication, a writer needs the ability to fully concentrate and stay focused at all times. Maintaining your focus for sustained periods can be a difficult task to do. Psychologists suggest a powerful form of concentration for writers called ‘flow’. This refers to an individual fully engaging in the task they are doing. For a writer, ‘flowing’ concentration is essential to write pieces with utmost fluency.

Inability to concentrate can be fruitless, especially for a writer. In order to make each day productive, writers must employ these 5 basic tips to stay focused on work and exercise their minds for better concentration