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About the book:

Gotti Lexington, a brand strategist from New York, is hired by Geechi Koran, a self-made, philanthropist, to clean up the image for his car dealership, Koran Motors. As his right hand, Gotti finally feels that her talents are being appreciated. Not to mention, business is booming! But the underlying sexual tension is thick. She fights to stay focused even as her quick wit and physique pique Geechi’s interest. Soon, his southern charm and country drawl prove to be too alluring for Gotti to resist. And while it should be business as usual, Gotti falls in love and it all falls apart.


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Author Bio:Natalie Sadè, CEO of October 15th Publishing Co, started her writing career in 2014 when she self-published her first novel, After January. It was later rereleased with a new title, Cut From The Same Cloth.

She had produced an array of books covering a multitude of categories. From family drama to the ups and downs of relationships, from strong men to powerful women, from the nine to five hustle to the ‘get it how you live’ grind, from finding yourself to finding your true love; Romance, Women’s Fiction, Crime, lust, deceit, passion… it’s all between the covers of a Natalie Sadè novel.




Mistaken Identity Podcast Chapter one #urbanintrigue #darkromamce : listen now #3dchicks

We’re going to start our first podcast with a juicy story I’m sure you’ll love Mistaken Identity.

If you don’t want to listen as I read, or you’d like to read along with me, check out the book at sylviahubbard.com/entiremistaken. It’s also available to download as an ebook, wherever books are sold.

I do implore you to be eighteen years or older and if you not, turn off or switch to another podcast more your age because even I’m not old enough for this.


What’s Mistaken Identity about?

a polyamorous contemporary romance about a woman who switches places with her sister on the wedding day. From that scenario, Dana’s life gets a little bit more complicated.

Are you ready for Chapter One?


Covid and my writing


I’m not a great blogger, never have been. I never seem to have enough to say where I can say it every day, or week or month. But that is changing. I’m thinking that the times they are  changing…right?

It’s 2020 and unless you’ve been alone in a box, under a rock, you know what’s going on. Our lives have been hijacked by this virus, This every 100 year monster that has sidelined our entire world. Lives are being lost, jobs are no more, people are acting and reacting as if they were in the Twilight Zone. How does this relate to me and my writing? You may ask? I have been off work for 2 months and will be off for 2 more. Have I taken this time to write? Have I taken this time to develop a new story? No! Actually, hell no? I had to sit and…

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#BookBlitz “Chasing After Love” by Suzette Riddick

Nesie's Place

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Can a desperate lie lead to crazy love?

Nancy Redmond’s professional life is on point. It’s her personal life that could use a major overhaul. Selling her business and relocating from the midwest to the east coast, Nancy is determined to get a fresh start and prove to herself that she doesn’t need a man to fulfill her.

Gabriel “Gabe” Saxton’s world is turned upside down when he catches the woman he’s to marry in a compromising position. Devastated, he’s convinced karma has finally caught up to him for breaking an old lover’s heart.

After ten years Nancy and Gabe are unexpectedly reunited and the attraction between them is just as magnetizing. As the couple overcomes previous hurts and betrayals and is on the path to forever, Gabe’s former life collides with the one he’s building with Nancy. Blindsided, Nancy retreats and releases…

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If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game #LitVersations created by Debra Owsley @odebsimplysaid ·#bookclubs #authors #booklovers


If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game “Lit Versations” created by Debra Owsley.



See Game Website http://www.litversations.com/

The corona virus presents a new normal for children parents can’t explain by @Leep4Joy Patrice Lee “It’s Just A Circumstance” #motownwriters #michiganwriters #michlit #3dchicks



Contact:  Shelly

P.O. Box 48172,

Oak Park, MI 48237




The corona virus presents a new normal for children parents can’t explain.



In It’s Just A CIRCUMSTANCE!” Patrice Lee helps children adjust to a new normal, and creatively illustrates “circumstances” as a natural part of life. A Reader’s Favorite, It’s Just a CIRCUMSTANCE!, demonstrates how children live above negative “circumstances” with gratitude, giving thanks for little things.


A book the whole family will enjoy,It’s Just a “CIRCUMSTANCE!” keeps it real, as children adjust, adapt and pay it forward until things turn around. Sharing valuable life lessons for a happy life. K-4th grade. Self-contained workbook includes vocabulary words, more.


“Thank you for this book, and for what you’re doing for families.” J.R, Counselor    


“Thank you for “…Circumstance.”  My children loved the story and illustrations. I look forward to purchasing more books from you.”  L. Gordon, mom


Available now:  http://www.Leep4Joy.com  {select books} or you may contact us for bulk purchase discounts at Leep4Joy7@hotmail.com


Leep4Joy Books build self-esteem, confidence, and character; improve literacy and language arts skills; give children hope.0

#3ChicksAndSomeBooks: Do you have the entire Black Series? Which one are you missing? #diversity #IR #romancesuspense #sylLit #Youshouldbereading #amreading


The Black Family Series is a family that appears in their own line of books.

blacks family banner 2018

Buy the whole series RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE

Now there are “good” Blacks and then there are “disturbed” Blacks. The family consists of two brothers. One decided to “separate” himself from bad blood and pursue his business in Detroit.  The “good” brother produced three sons: Ethan, James and Tyler Logan. While the other brother produced Xavier, Daxopholos (Axel), Phelix Bane, one unnamed sister and there are two sets of twins as well (one set appears in Mistaken Identity II). (I think that’s it, but this brother was pretty promiscuous and he used to run with Daemon Heart). The Books Connecting the Black Family Series main family that are available:

  1. Love Like This
  2. Hope Is Love
  3. The Mysterious Mr. Black
  4. La Revanche Des Trois (Revenge of Three)
  5. Black’s Innocence

Check out what’s new and what’s to come with the Black Family Series | Click here and Subscribe the the author’s website for updates

#3chicksandsomebooks Twitter book feature by A NOBLE DILEMMA @SusanneKnight #youshouldbereading #amreading

BOOK REVIEW: A classically crafted #Regency #Romance with likable characters and an easy to follow plot.— Coffee Time Romance & More #RegencyRomance #sweetromance #JaneAusten #Readers #Kindle #smashwords #indieauthors #WritingCommunity #amreading

If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game #LitVersations created by Debra Owsley @odebsimplysaid ·#bookclubs #authors #booklovers


If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game “Lit Versations” created by Debra Owsley.



See Game Website http://www.litversations.com/

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