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An Urban Fairy Tale

awesomeness! Thanks for sharing.

Soulful Pages

Black Love

Inspired by Christian Scott”s “She”

The Afro-Titan returned to his mountain after a long, hard fought war. He was victorious yet his Kingdom payed a heavy price. He proceeded to the throne room with his Ceremonial Herb to smoke and Ancient Nectar to drink. He threw himself into his throne and yelled “QUEEN COME!”. His mighty voice echoed but there was no answer. This time the stood up, snatched off his battle worn shirt and yelled “QUEEN COME!”.

Still no answer. Only his ruined Kingdom off in the distance. The vision wounded his once proud heart. He turned to the Queen’s throne. It too was in ruin. This shattered that heart. He stared at the shambled throne and his eyes glowed with power. Afro-Titan took a drink from the Ancient Nectar and poured the rest on the Queen’s throne. The Titan took 2 puffs from the Ceremonial Herb. He then…

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