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 Find out what happens when the heiress meets the pilot.

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— with Michelle Dare.

Persuading Him (The Heiress Book 1) by [Dare, Michelle]

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Persuading Him (The Heiress Book 1) Kindle Edition


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Writing Characters That Mirror Real Life

So I contacted Kristen awhile back and asked her if I could hijack her blog and she graciously said Yes. Because of this lapse in judgment outpouring of generosity, I’m going to try and forget that sarcasm is my love language and, instead, be professional. I’ve just launched a book and am feeling absolutely giddy with freedom, so this is easier said than done. But we’ll give it a go.

I’ve been thinking lately about something that Angela and I touch on in all of our books: The Mirror of Real Life. It’s this idea that something in our stories is like a mirror for readers that reflects back to them something of themselves. When we portray the character as this mirror, it draws readers in and encourages empathy because they recognize a commonality with the character.

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