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One Way has always done things on his own terms. However, changes in his life are happening faster than he has time to react.
Uncertain if the woman and boy he assists depend on him or it is the other way around. However, things get tricky when life comes at them fast and the meaning of family and friends becomes a saving grace.

Now, if he can just get the woman to listen…the rest will fall into place. The blinders come off for everyone when One Way removes his Blind Fold.

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She Works Hard for the Money has reached #35 in Top Fave at Amazon Kindle Vella

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

I love with y’all crown Beck!

Keep them coming and I’m continuing to deliver!

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You’ll thank me later

About the book:

To get over a broken heart, get with a broken man. Renna had never heard that expression, but the idea of being with a man after being in a lesbian relationship for 8 years interested her. It would certainly make her forget about the pain and betrayal she was going through. Renna needed something different, but did she make a mistake by sleeping with the most rude, misogynist & selfish man this side of the Mississippi? Beck had a dark past, but when he saw Renna, he saw his future.

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TrustedReviews: What is Amazon Kindle Vella?

TrustedReviews: What is Amazon Kindle Vella?.