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Three Ways to HOOK a Reader & Never Let GO. #3chicksbooks

How do we sell our stories? That is the big question. It is the reason for craft classes and editing and cover design and agents and editors and all the time on social media. And while platforms and covers and algorithms do matter, there is one tried and true way to sell more books.

Write a great story.

And not just any story, but a story that hooks from the very beginning and only continues to hook deeper

New On The Blog: How to Create a Dynamic Story That Will Blow Your Readers Away

Ready to blow your readers away? Learn how to create an incredibly dynamic story that will leave your readers feeling breathless with this #1 key breakdown from Kristen Kieffer of
Have you ever read a book that just fell flat?

The author didn’t necessarily do anything wrong. They created strong characters, killer conflict and a clever plot, beautiful scene descriptions, and so on. But still the book fell short for you, and you just can’t place your finger on what could have made the story more dynamic.

“Eh, it was just a bit formulaic,” you say when a friend asks how you enjoyed your latest read.

Today, I’m here to make the case that disappointing stories aren’t the result of sticking too closely to story structure (or to any other established writing techniques, for that matter), but rather sticking too closely to the basics of those techniques.

Vague statement. I know.

But I’m going to explain everything you need to know about how we, as authors, can move beyond the basics and elevate our stories into a realm of dynamism that will knock our readers’ socks off.

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