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A book hoarder wonders whether there is any point to collecting books. #3dchicks @ 3chicksandsomebooks

A Point of View: Is there still any point in collecting books?


Hand reaches to shelf of second-hand booksImage copyrightISTOCK

A lifetime of collecting books has left the writer Howard Jacobson with back injuries, a lack of living space and a sense of sheer pointlessness. But he’d do it all over again.

I can’t remember how old I was when I began collecting second-hand books. I’d like to say eight or nine, but that’s because I want to be thought of as bookishly precocious. In fact, going by the purchase dates I bothered to write in the oldest volumes in my collection I can find, I must have been about 12. I’ll settle for that. Twelve’s good. There are worse things to do when you’re 12.

My father wasn’t so sure. He objected to my bringing books home before I’d read the previous lot. He didn’t understand that books could just sit on shelves, unopened, and still satisfy whatever need drove the collector to collect them. Though he was no reader himself, an unopened book drove him to madness. “It would be like me ordering a meal and not eating it,” he said. An eventuality that was, indeed, inconceivable. “I’ll open them all one day, when I have to,” I told him. But by his reasoning they would, by that time, have gone cold. And the truth is there remain hundreds I haven’t opened yet. Cold on my shelves, they stare out at me, with chill reproach. But who’s to say the hour won’t yet come when they are needed?


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Bringing Drama, Detroit, Deliciousness & Deadly one book at a time #YouShouldBeReading #bookpromo @SylviaHubbard1 #3dchicks #bookporn #amreading

SYLVIA HUBBARD, #SuspenseRomance #Author #sylLit

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About this author: 

Detroit Author & Founder of Motown Writers, Sylvia Hubbard has published over 40 books on suspense romance. As an avid blogger, Sylvia has received numerous awards and recognition for her work, plus has had five #1 Bestsellers. She has spoken all over the U.S. & Canada on literary, blogging & busy mom subjects.

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Social Reading Just Got a Lot Sweeter #3chicksandsomebooks

In what has to be one of the best viral feel-good stories in recent weeks, the internet is going crazy for a woman who reads children’s books aloud on Facebook Live. The woman isn’t just a book lover with a social media account, though, she’s Belinda George, a long-time educator and first-year elementary school principal from Texas.

For some background, Texas falls well above the national average for both violent crime and incarceration of its residents. At the same time, it is ranked 38th for healthcare, 37th for education, 47th for the opportunity, and 46th for quality of life. In short, George’s students are in extreme need of support, uplifting, and overall hope.

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Add a dark romance high suspense to your reading list this weekend. #IndieBooksBeSeen, #IndieAuthors #BYNR Collect them all.

Add a dark romance high suspense to your reading list this weekend. Collect them all.

#IndieBooksBeSeen, #IndieAuthors #BYNR
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Reading is on the rise in the United States

Reading is on the rise in the United States and 74% of stated that they have read a book in the past year. With all of the media attention on audiobooks and ebooks lately, the vast majority are still enamoured with print with 67% of Americans having read a print book in the past year. Overall, Americans read an average
12 books per year, while the typical American has read four books in the past 12 months.

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*Book of the Day*

Diamond's Literary World

Today’s book is the first of the Love’s Improbable Possibility series by @lovebelvin. I selected it, not only because it restored my faith in the institution of love, but also introduced me to my forever book boyfriend…Azmir Jacobs.

If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend, click the link below:

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Daddy’s Girl – Finished!

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

About this book

Being an entrepreneur was all she really wanted, but even Onnilissa’s mother felt a woman needed a job and to let the dreams of owning a business. To her surprise, the father she had never met left her with the majority stock to his company, which she realized she could cash in to acquire the money to start her business. In order to acquire permission to sell, she must fly to Detroit and come to the funeral.

“Please do something I want to do,” her married best friend who lived vicariously through her before she boarded the flight to Motown.

Onnilissa noticed the dark handsome stranger from the time she got on the plane until the time she was trying to find a ride to get to her hotel.

“There are no rides,” he said standing next to his private car. “Not for several hours. I live…

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