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Deceptive Nights

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Secrets, Lies & Family Ties 

ebook & paperback

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About Deceptive Nights 

When her husband leaves her with nothing, Phoebe Green vows to never give another man any part of her heart or her body without getting something in return. Jacoby Knight just wants to find a woman, who wants to join themselves with his body and not his massive bank account. These two strangers meet and find they can meet each other needs, yet one night won’t do when passion this hot meets.

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About Secrets, Lies & Family Ties

Ezekiel Chambers knew he would never find a woman that would allow him to marry and though he longed for a happy family life since his business life was so successful, his father was never going to give one inch to grant him that opportunity.

Reluctantly, he is convinced to go to his high school reunion, but upon meeting the mysterious woman, Ezekiel forgets what he wants and focuses on what he desires.

Too bad he won’t be able to keep her.

When Grae is given the opportunity to sleep with the man of her dreams without him knowing her identity, this shy reclusive young woman steps outside of her shell and transforms herself into the woman of his dreams

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If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game #LitVersations created by Debra Owsley @odebsimplysaid ·#bookclubs #authors #booklovers


If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game “Lit Versations” created by Debra Owsley.


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#3dChicks New book release: Dreams of Stars and Lies | A collection of 5 science fiction stories via @JeanDDavis #amreading

Dreams of Stars and Lies is a collection of five short science fiction stories, featuring Sipper:

Poverty has shaped Tia’s life since childhood, labeling her a roach. A day without hunger pains or despising looks is pure fantasy until she accepts a job offer to explore a wondrous deserted city on a distant world. All she can think about is the life-altering payout she’ll receive in six months.

A hundred roaches are set free in the city of crystal spires. Their mission: To learn what they can about the previous occupants and to verify that the place is habitable for the host of wealthy future occupants waiting in orbit.

Well-provisioned, Tia and her fellow roaches scatter to explore the dunes and spires. Then people start to disappear. Are they being picked off to lessen the payout or is there a killer among them? All the credits in the world won’t matter if she’s dead.

Dreams of Stars and Lies is available in both print $9.99 and ebook $1.99.

Barnes & Noble:…/1137170842

About the Author: Jean Davis lives in West Michigan with her musical husband, two nerdy kids, and two attention-craving terriers. When not ruining fictional lives from the comfort of her writing chair, she can be found devouring books and sushi, enjoying the offerings of local breweries, weeding her flower garden, or picking up hundreds of sticks while attempting to avoid the abundant snake population who also shares her yard.

Jean writes speculative fiction. Her novels include Dreams of Stars and LiesThe Narvan SeriesDestiny Pills & Space Wizards, The Last God, A Broken Race, and Sahmara

If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game #LitVersations created by Debra Owsley @odebsimplysaid ·#bookclubs #authors #booklovers


If you’re looking to shake your book discussions up a bit, check out the fun game “Lit Versations” created by Debra Owsley.


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#3dchicks Entry-Level Kindle Comes with 8GB of Storage Now? #amreading

Kindle 8GB

Over the past few months Amazon has started shipping 8GB versions of the entry-level Kindle, which is currently on sale for $64.99, and they aren’t even charging extra for it.

The device originally came with 4GB of storage space, and that’s still what Amazon advertises on the official product page and on their Kindle comparison tables.

However, there are a number of reports at reddit and in recent reviews posted at Amazon that state the Kindle comes with 8GB of storage space—it even says so on the box.

The Kids Kindle is the same model and it has always come with 8GB instead of 4GB. Maybe they overproduced it and are now selling them without the kids branding? Or perhaps they’ve simply switched to 8GB for all versions of the entry-level model?

Either way it’s a nice free upgrade.

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#3dChicks ANNOUNCEMENT: Book Cover Reveal REAPER vs. RIPPER: Fear the Reaper Book One by Stacey Rourke! Special Pre-Order Price! via @rourkewrites

History knows me by many names. Nyx, the Goddess of Night. Lilith, the Lady of Darkness. Selaphiel, the fifth angel of God. But the course of my life has been determined by my greatest mistake. I opened the gate and allowed Lucifer to fall. Booted from Heaven for my sin, I serve my penance as a reaper. By collecting history’s most twisted souls, I work to one day earn my ticket home.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Launches July 24th
Preorder for only $.99!
Buy Link:


Case #663

The heinous crimes of Jack the Ripper are known throughout the ages, yet his true identity remains shrouded in mystery. Scythe in hand, it falls to me to claim his soul. Who he is, I don’t care. What made him this way makes no difference. My lone goal is to ensure that he face final judgment.

Ring the bell and alert the Bobbies. It’s reaper versus Ripper in a battle for the title of the true harbinger of death…


New book release from urban romance author, K. Harris: Black’s Heart – Lincoln Black Knights MC Book V #3dchicks

Black's Heart (Lincoln Black Knights Book 5)
Black’s Heart (Lincoln Black Knights Book 5)


Released on May 24, 2020
Kindle Edition$4.99


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#3dchicks Do you keep an e-reader updated to the latest firmware?

E-Readers normally update themselves when a new firmware update is available. This process normally occurs automatically when you are connected to WIFI or a hot spot. There are only a handful of devices that make you visit their website to download the patch file and load it on yourself, but they tend to be older devices, others only run an update if you visit the settings menu and fetch it. Do you prefer to have your e-reader updated automatically or not at all?

The run of the mill update often introduces new features,  enhancements or bug fixes  Amazon,  Kobo, Supernote and Onyx Boox tend to do it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Boyue, Sony, Tolino, Pocketbook and Remarkable do it less frequently. Barnes and Noble might do it once or two a year, if that. Most issue them automatically via WIFI, others give you a nag screen, prompting you to run it manually. Older devices from Bookeen, for example, ask you to update by visiting their website, downloading the file and then sideloading it on your device.

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#3dChicks: Claim the Dragon by @ACArthur | ENTER TO WIN by sharing… see details NOW #ClaimTheDragon #ACArthur #HonMagPR #ParanormalRomance#bookbloggers @honmagpr




Stand-Alone: yes
Series: The Legion, Book 2
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: June 8, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance


To save her, he’ll sacrifice everything.

Born a dream reaper, Steele Ezo, a powerful half dragon, half human, is struggling to find his place in the Drakon hierarchy. He is ready to accept his fate until he realizes the next victim on the Reaper’s hit list is the sexy thief who’s caught his eye.

She’s supposed to die.

He’s forbidden to stop it.

But their inexplicable connection makes it impossible to step aside.

Abandoned by her family and abused by local enforcers, Ravyn Walsh lives life on her own terms. She’s created an underground sanctuary for the oppressed citizens of Burgess, and she needs funds to keep it running. When a lucrative job—stealing an ancient dagger—lands in her lap, she doesn’t hesitate, not even when a smoldering tattooed stranger attempts to stop her.

A dagger that can raise the dead is a powerful tool—one that could change the course of history. As they fight to keep the dagger out of the wrong hands, Ravyn will be forced to embrace the truth of her heritage, while Steele will find himself torn between saving a life that isn’t meant to be saved and denouncing the power he was born to wield.





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AC Arthur was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she currently resides with her husband, three children, grandson and an English bulldog named Vader. An active imagination and a love for reading encouraged her to begin writing in high school and she hasn’t stopped since.

Working in the legal field for over twenty-five years, AC has seen lots of horrific things and longs for the safe haven of a romance novel. To date, she has written in several genres: YA paranormal (w/a Artist Arthur), small town romance as Lacey Baker, and sexy contemporary and paranormal romance. With intriguing plots and sexy love scenes, AC brings a new edge to romance!










#3dchicks #BookReview: Trust by @MsLawson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐| Highly Recommend

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Trust by [Rhonda M. Lawson]

About Book

Saivon Lincoln was an average man with an above-average gift of gab. His boyish good looks and curly hair got him any woman he wanted, and right now, his two women of choice are Carla and Anna. Both women think they’re the only one in his life, but when they come face to face with the truth, Saivon pays the price with his life. But which woman sealed his fate? This romantic roller coaster will keep you guessing until the very last word.

Grab your copy | More about this author

Book Review

Sylvia Hubbard
Trust brought a lot in the short amount of time it took me to read this book, which was a couple of days. I couldn’t stop wanting to know what was next. Brilliant storytelling, characters and plot.
Ms Lawson brings page-turning intrigue and I highly recommend you grab up this book now.