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Keep Calm and Read Cydney Rax’s Newest Novel: A Sister’s Survival @NeeCee48204 #3ChicksAndSomeBooks

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About the book A Sister’s Survival (Book #2 – The Reeves Sisters Series) To keep their family ties strong, the five Reeves sisters meet regularly to give each other a reality check. But explosive family secrets begin to pour out like molten lava, and forever change all they treasure most . . . After a shattering revelation, youngest sister Elyse struggles to overcome the sexual abuse that nearly destroyed her. Between her tough eldest sister, Alita, and a promising fresh start with a new man, she’s finding the strength to make the most of her fierce intelligence. But Elyse still has a score to settle with the perfect sister she feels betrayed by—and she’s going after everything Burgundy can’t afford to lose . . . Coco thinks her useless baby daddy is finally about to commit—until she catches him with a woman who’s everything she’s not. As she tries to move on with her life, she can’t resist carrying out the ultimate revenge. But when she inadvertently gets caught up in Elyse’s plan, she must confront an unforgivable truth that could crush any chance these sisters have to make things right.


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About Author: Cydney Rax became obsessed with becoming a writer after reading Terry McMillan’s Disappearing Acts. Her author dreams were realized through her eyebrow-raising debut novel, My Daughter’s Boyfriend. Her five novels include My Husband’s Girlfriend, Brothers and Wives, My Best Friend and My Man, and My Sister’s Ex (cited by ® as one of 2009’s best reads). She has also contributed to the anthologies Crush and Reckless.
Born and raised in Detroit, she graduated from Cass Technical High School and earned an undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University. She resides in Houston. Visit her online via Facebook,, or email her at





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7 Surprising Perks of Recommending Books on BookBub


7 Surprising Perks of Recommending Books on BookBubRecommending books is a fantastic way to engage with your followers on BookBub. Every time you recommend a book, your post will appear in your followers’ feeds on our website and could be included in their weekly email roundup of recommendations. Readers can like or comment on your recommendation, purchase the book, or save it to their wishlists.

What you may not know is that recommendations can also help you get exposure to readers outside of your existing audience and find new fans. Check out these seven ways you can get increased visibility for your author brand on by recommending books!


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Now Available “Trent” by @XylaTurner | Grab your copy now! IR, BWWM, and HEA, dark and really sexy #romancewriter

Trent (Across the Aisle Book 1) Kindle Edition

About Book
The point of becoming an escort was to pay for my law degree.

One more year and a hefty tuition bill had me rethinking my no sex rule with clients. 
One exception to this rule with one client
that changed my entire life.
He was rude, opinionated, prejudiced and downright ignorant.
 For him to have an affinity for a certain type of woman, he surely didn’t know how to talk to them. 
He knew how to have them screaming his name.
Outside of this, my one wish was that he would STFU.
We had five nights only and I was counting down to the hour until I wasn’t.
Five turned into fifty. Hookups turned into sleepovers. A client turned into a significant other.
But how?
For goodness sakes, he was a damned Republican!


A man over fifty is afforded the privilege to say and do what he wants.
The criteria for my escorts were black women.

Note: This book is a bit different than a normal Xyla Turner book. It is IR, BWWM, and HEA, but it’s a bit darker and really sexy. If you’re not easily offended, then this is for you.

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Fearless Faith Virtual Book Launch – Get Access via @askdrmissy #3chicksandsomebooks

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#3ChicksAndSomeBooks: SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN IN THRILLERS! @StacyDeanne with Dutch

💙💙New Release!💙💙


#bwwm #thriller #supernatural #suspense #interracialromance

Short Blurb:

David’s fed up with his life and everyone in it except Anya who he is in love with but lacks the confidence to make a move on the beautiful detective. All this changes when a voodoo priest makes “Dutch” a clone of David who makes David’s dreams come true. Too bad Dutch turns out to be a homicidal maniac who thrives off cruelty and violence.


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— with Stacy-Deanne Author.


Dutch by [Stacy-Deanne]

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Dutch Kindle Edition


༺♥༻❀༺♥༻ FREE ༺♥༻❀༺♥༻ Persuading Him is free for a limited time!

 Find out what happens when the heiress meets the pilot.

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— with Michelle Dare.

Persuading Him (The Heiress Book 1) by [Dare, Michelle]

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Persuading Him (The Heiress Book 1) Kindle Edition

#youshouldbereading: The Lady Guardian Series cc @XylaTurner #3chicksandsomebooks #recommendedreading #goodreads

Check out all of the Lady Guardian Series at

About the Series


The Lady Guardians is an all female motorcycle club that is in affiliation with Xyla Turner’s Legion of Guardians Motorcycle Club.

The world has been created, so that some of your favorite authors are now adding their characters and stories to her World.

The Lady Guardians will include chapters of a fierce group of women who will fall in love, have drama, get tested, kidnapped, underestimated and have to rely on the bond of sisterhood with the love of motorcycles to get them through. The stories are endless, the ladies are sexy and the men must be sexier!

Check out the books in the Legion of Guardians MC series: Click Here!

You can contribute original stories to the Lady Guardians World too! Click here for more information.

Lady Guardian Books can only be purchased on Amazon, but you don’t need a Kindle to read them.
You can download and read them on any device with the Kindle app.

Lady Guardian Website

Lady Guardian World Facebook Public Group

Lady Guardian MC Pinterest Board

Lady Guardian MC on Twitter #LadyGuardian

Check out all of the Lady Guardian Series at


Check out all of the Lady Guardian Series at

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Free Books of Thriller – Mystery – Suspense #BookAddict #3ChicksAndSomeBooks

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June 30 – July 8

The Most Common Entry-Level Mistake in the Writing Game via @janefriedman

Photo credit: sbluerock via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Today’s guest post by author Larry Brooks (@storyfix) is excerpted from Writing Voice: The Complete Guide to Creating a Presence on the Page & Engaging Readers (Writer’s Digest Books).

By far the most common entry-level mistake in the writing game, the thing that can get a perfectly good story rejected by an editor on the first page, is overwriting: a writing voice that is laden with energy and adjectives, that tries too hard, that is self-conscious in a way that detracts from the story, that is obviously the work of a writer trying to poeticize a story that doesn’t stand a chance.

Bad writing voice is like wearing a clown suit to the Oscars. Chances are you won’t make it past the lobby.

Of course, one writer’s clown suit is another’s tuxedo. Which is to say, you may believe your eloquence is palatable and beautiful, and you may feel the need to stuff all this fat into your sentences because you don’t feel they’re muscular enough as is. It’s always an opinion—yours and the editor’s, and finally the reader’s—but it’s a critical one.

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