New Novelist at Age 70 Joins 2020 NBCC #3chicksandsomebooks

Where Readers And Authors Come Together…And Depart Friends.
2020 Bliss
At Age 70, Karla Holloway Authors Her First Novel
And Will Be A Featured Author At the 2020 NBCC
Book Lover:
Karla FC Holloway is the embodiment of the adage, “Age is just a number.” At 55, she earned a master’s degree in law from Duke Law School and has devoted her career to gender and cultural studies and the ethics of vulnerability in law and medicine. The author of eight nonfiction books, the James B. Duke Professor Emerita of English and Law at Duke University has also been a scholar on death and dying, especially end-of-life issues in African American culture.
Now, at age 70, Holloway makes her debut as a novelist. Her first fictional work, A Death in Harlem, is replete with rich, suspenseful passages and unforgettable characters in a mystery that is far more than a whodunit.
Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Jazz Age, A Death In Harlem is wrapped in history, deception, glamour and murder. The character at the heart of the story is Weldon Haynie Thomas, Harlem’s first black policeman, who is tasked with unraveling the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of a young woman and its relationship to members of Harlem’s beau monde, its secret societies, its working class and a shadowy man with power and privilege whose interests in Harlem hold the key to the mysterious death.
Inspired by the setting and denouement of Passing, Nella Larsen’s 1929 bestselling novel, Holloway, presents an enthralling and enduring novel.
Click here to enjoy a video clip of her discussing the inspiration for novel.
Want to join us? Please secure your position ASAP with a $100 deposit to join us July 31-August 2 in Atlanta by clicking here. It is imperative to lock in your spot, as we are running significantly ahead in registrations from previous years at this point. Don’t be left out.
Any questions, please email And please make your reservation at the Marriott Buckhead and ask for our $117 rate at 404-261-9250. Or you can do so online by clicking here.
If you are excited about next year, please let me know.
Remember to look out for another wonderful Featured Author announcement tomorrow in Day 5 of five days in a row of Featured Author additions this week.
Peace and blessings,
Curtis Bunn, NBCC founder

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