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Chasin' It (The Bag Wars Book 1) by [E. Scrill]

About book

Raynard and Ike were two ghetto kids in the ‘hood. They came up normal as most, but close as cunt hairs.

Raynard was the oldest with the brightest ideas. He met Pat, an older female who was kind enough to offer him a place to bury his bone. As the years progressed, Ike went away to school while Raynard experimented with harder pieces of the streets.

Ike got a taste of the good life; reaped the benefits of an educated black man, but still couldn’t resist the urge to line his pockets with drug money.
Raynard, who initially thought it was something slick about having live-in poontang, realized that she would always be older than he was. He learned faster that after a pint, Pat could get tougher than liquor store rib tips.

Raynard’s coke habit kept him scrawny, amped up and frequently jacked up. As Raynard’s nasal septum rotted, he found an escape from Pat and her plans for him to eat the seat out of her draws when he stumbled on a connect with blows cut with magic.

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My Review

this book is about best friends, Raynard and Ike, the choices we all have to make as adults, but the effects of coming from an urban decay. Sometimes we do what we do, because its’ all that we can do.

E Scrill’s metaphors were in line with Iceberg Slim and definitely brought the darkness into the light when it came to the drug, the urban sprawl and what true friends really means.

Chasing It brings the realism of problems faced by living in proverty and the choices we make and we can all learn through Raynard’s eye just because it looks and feels nice don’t make it wonderful for you.

Even though I’m not such a fan of really rough storytelling, I think E. Scrill was almost giving Walter Mosely a run for his money. Good job!

Chasin' It (The Bag Wars Book 1) by [E. Scrill]

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