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The old saying ‘a leopard never changes their spots’ was true in Robin Delli Richardson’s case when it came to loving her philandering son’s father. It didn’t matter how good Robin looked or that she was an educated woman with a great job with benefits, designer labels in her closet, Loubouton red bottoms on her feet, or how well endowed she was in the bedroom, Saxon Anderson had it made it clear that he was incapable of being monogamous.

Between fighting with ratchet side chicks, private calls from random women and the constant disrespect Saxon poured into their relationship had Robin feeling some kind of way. How much longer would she allow him to mistreat her? Why couldn’t she simply walk away from Saxon?

Soon Robin meets the talented and sexy, Keontae Adams. Keontae is everything Robin wants Saxon to be in her relationship. He was respectful, considerate, dedicated and found Robin to be breathtakingly irresistible.
After getting a taste of something different, Robin’s feelings start to change towards Saxon. Seeing him for the selfish, arrogant narcissistic, serial cheater that he was had Robin ready to remove herself from the emotional roller coaster she was riding on.
Admitting that she was enabling Saxon to continue doing her wrong and even knowing that she had options, her heart still belonged to Saxon. Could Keontae be enough for her to leave the toxic love she had grown accustomed to?
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