New Year …New Authors! Meet New Author Kami and check out her #newrelease Made For You!

Happy New Year Readers, 3 Chicks and some books are back and better than ever. Not only will we be sharing new releases, but we will also be hosting interviews with some dope authors. Some are new to you and some not so much!

Our first interview of the year features New Author Kami. She is not new to the literary world, as she is nominated for Reader of the Year! However, she is new to us by way of using her own pen to tell her own story. Let’s get into it!

1. What inspired you to start your authorship?

I’ve had a love for reading for as long as I can remember. I am a bit of an introvert so I find peace in being alone. Books have always been an escape for me so it was natural for me to find ways to immerse myself in the industry as a reader, book blogger, and now an author. 

2. Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

No. I can honestly say that I never planned to become an author. I love reading and sharing the books that I enjoy. This new journey was something I never imagined that I would be doing but I love it so much.

3. How do you show up in your Authorship? What’s your personality?

I have a big, positive personality and I try to show that in everything that I do. I’m new to being an author but I’m not new to the industry. In order for me to succeed, I believe that it’s important to promote my work consistently. I engage with my new readers, even if that means talking to them about the crazy things my book characters are doing. 

4. What’s your current biggest challenge in your authorship?

 My biggest challenge at the moment is finding a healthy balance. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in writing that I forget to take care of myself. Even simple things like remembering to eat completely evade me. 

5. How do you remain diligent in your authorship?

In order for people to notice you, I believe it’s important to put yourself out there to be seen. I promote my work almost daily. Consistency and engagement are so important for authors. Especially for someone like me who is new to the industry.

7. What advice would you give a new entrepreneur looking to start or move into your niche?

Write what you love. If your book does not speak to you or touch your heart, it won’t touch your readers. Run your own race. Everyone’s journey is not the same so you cannot compare other people’s successes or failures to yours. The only person you should be competing with is yourself. 

8. What keeps you inspired?

My babies are my motivation. They motivated me to push myself and go for my dreams because I want them to know that there is nothing they cannot do if they put their heart into it. Books are in my heart. I love creating something so beautiful out of just a simple thought or idea. 

9. How do you balance all the many hats you wear?

This is something that I am currently still working on. I’m a mother of two, I work full time and I am a business owner. This year is all about scheduling and discipline. I have a set time for me to write every night. Even if it’s just a few words here or there, I’m committed to writing something every day. 

10. Do you do your best work during the day or at night?

I work best early in the morning or at night when my kids are in bed. 

11. How can people connect with you? 

You can find me on Facebook (Kami Krishauna), IG (Kami’s Kurrent Reads), and Tiktok (Kami’s Kurrent Reads)

Take the time to follow Kami and also check out her new release Made For You!

Why doesn’t she love me? That’s the question that lives rent free in Ciyani
Robinson’s head. After tragedy strikes her mother completely abandons her
leaving her with responsibilities that she was not old enough to handle on her
own. The walls begin to close in on her as she tries her hardest to keep her
head above water in this cruel world. Caught between a rock and a hard place
she makes a tough decision that changes the course of her life forever.

Justice Graham seems to have the perfect life on the outside. He’s fine,
wealthy, and educated but something is missing. His parents were the
blueprint for Black Love but in his eyes, that type of love doesn’t exist in his
world. He’s content with his situation just the way it is until feisty, littlebeauty barrels

into his life, making him question everything he thought he
needed. What starts out as a budding friendship turns into more than he
planned for. Can he handle all the baggage that comes with her?

He thought that he was rescuing her but was she the only one that needed


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