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His Perfect Bodyguard by Dahlia Rose

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Mina Jolliet and her team of Charlie Company have seen the worst of the wars fought overseas.
Yet together, they managed to help the helpless back in the United States, when no one else
could. After a—let’s call it an ‘incident’ with her commander when botched ops went wrong.
Mina was put on leave, which made it easier for Senator Jolliet to offer Mina a job. Senator Anita
Jolliet just happened to be her mother, but the job could get Mina back in the running with her
team much sooner than a year.

Dr. Arin Bane saw something he shouldn’t, in a place people rarely went unless they had a
death wish or too much empathy. He was the latter, now he and his son were in danger, this was
supposed to be an easy protection gig, clean cut, and done in a few weeks. Mina didn’t expect
they’d be running for their lives, or that passionate sparks would fly between her and Arin. Being
in the crosshairs of someone who wanted her dead, was something Mina was accustomed to.
Falling in love with the two souls she was to protect was hella new, and Mina would have to
literally walk through fire to protect them both.

❄️ ́📚 •❄️ Start reading now https://amzn.to/3jpW6TG ❄️ ́📚 •❄️

.•* ́) ̧.•*Author Note: This book contains a strong black heroine, who can handle big guns, big men, and
learns to follow her heart when she falls in love! Is that the end? No! Book 2 HIs Perfect
Guardian brings the team back together. Cheers!

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❄️ ́📚 •❄️ Start reading now https://amzn.to/3jpW6TG ❄️ ́📚 •❄️


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