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National Book Club Conference News: We’re MOVING for 2020
Where Readers And Authors Come Together…And Depart Friends.
Marriott Buckhead
The Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center is located in Atlanta’s prime shopping district.
2020 NBCC Moves To The Marriott To Provide More Value To ‘Literary Bliss’
*** Early Bird Registration Expires on September 1st
Book Lover:
After much deliberation, negotiations and evaluations, I have decided to move our weekend of Literary Bliss from our home for the last three years, the InterContinental hotel. The 18th-Annual National Book Club Conference will be held July 31-August 2 at the Marriott Buckhead hotel.
Why? Let us count the reasons:
* The Marriott is a four-star hotel that has offered us can’t-beat sleeping room rates: $117 per night for a single or a double room. . . a remarkable rate. And compared to the $189 a night for a single, $199 for a double room the InterContinental offered, it was a no-brainer.
* The Marriott is literally across the street from Lenox Square Mall and one block from Phipps Plaza, another shopping mall with high-end shops and a plethora of restaurants.
* The Marriott’s food and beverage rates allow us to not raise our registration rate and affords us to provide a plated breakfast on Friday and dinner Saturday and small bites for our reception.
* For Friday evening, the Marriott is footing the bill for an R&B band to perform for us in the hotel’s beautiful and spacious lounge. It will be an ideal way to wrap of Day 1–authors and readers convening over cocktails while enjoying wonderful live music.
And there you have it. We will receive for more for our money and still have the required meeting space to execute Literary Bliss as only we do. We can begin making reservations at the Marriott starting on September 4th.
Meanwhile, there are nine days left to secure 2020 NBCC registration for just $225. Please do so by making your payment via our Registration page by September 1st. Click on the photo of the Marriott or go to
Our website has been updated with our Featured Author commitments to this point. Already, it is stellar: Eric Jerome Dickey, Leonard Pitts, Tananarive Due, Donna Hill, Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, Kalisha Buckhanon and Blacc Topp. Home runs, each of them. Please read about them at
There will be more Featured Authors added each month. This is how we roll.
In the next newsletter: survey results, Featured Author announcement and other good stuff.
Peace and blessings,
Curtis Bunn, NBCC founder
National Book Club Conference, Inc., 245 Highland Avenue, Suite 230-171, Atlanta, GA 30307

My Writing Process @phettehollins | #3dchicks


Notebooks Galore

Creativity hits me several times a day. I can see something while I’m out and about, overhear a conversation, or be involved in a conversation, hear a funny line & say “I’ma put that in my script.” I say that a lot.

When this happens and if I’m away from home, I write a note in my Memo app or in Evernote. If I am home, I decide if the “idea” already has its own notebook. If it does, I write it in there. If not, I break the idea down even more. If the idea needs its own notebook, I designate one.

I have notebooks for everythang. I have one that’s primarily for my brand. I have one where I outline blog posts, jot down ideas in a hurry; it’s a catch all book, and also the book I used to outline this post. 🙂

Other than that, each project has its own notebook.


Once it’s in the notebook, then I brainstorm, free-write whatever comes to mind, organically & naturally, about the characters, the story, or whatever. I do this for as long as the creativity flows. And when it’s done, it’s done. I absolutely do not force it. I step away for a day or so and re-visit, if necessary.


Next, I look to see if there’s enough information for a story…which there usually is. To rephrase, the real question is: What type of story does the information yield? A short story, a novel, novella, a series? You can always add, takeaway, or do whatever your heart desires. That’s the beauty of writing and story telling. When there’s a will, there’s a medium. 🙂

A Beginning, Middle, and an End


This is an example of how I separate my story. This one is blank because, it just so happens that, this particular story came to me so quickly that I actually wrote the entire story in a day. No outline. No nothing.

From here, I just write the story to the end, without looking back until I’m ready to edit. I do not edit as I go. I repeat, DO NOT EDIT AS YOU GO! It drastically slows down the process. Took me 2 years to write my second book, because I was obsessing over stuff. Just write it. You’re welcome!


  • Edit
  • Proofread
  • Edit summore
  • Proofread
  • Proofread summore
  • Publish